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How to Sit for and Perform Breathing Meditation

Even though meditation is an exercise of the mind and not that of speech or the body, our bodies and our minds are closely interconnected. Since our bodies and minds are so closely interconnected it is very important that when we meditate that we maintain proper posture. Maintaining proper posture is important because it facilitates the mind in being concentrated and clear.

If you are going to meditate sitting on a cushion or on a folded up blanket or towel, you should sit cross-legged, or ideally in the lotus position with each foot laying on top of the opposite thigh. If sitting in the lotus position is too hard we should attempt to sit as close as possible as long as you are comfortable.If you are going to sit in a chair to meditate you should let your feet rest on the floor.

Now that you are sitting, your back should be straight and erect. Your right hand should be placed and resting on the left hand with your palms facing upwards and with the tips of your thumbs raised a little and touching each other resting around the navel.

Your mouth should be closed ever so slightly, with the tip of your tongue gently touching the back of your teeth. Your head should be tilted a little forward with your eyes almost closed with your shoulders remaining level. This is the posture that you should assume during all of your meditation sessions.

Once you have settled yourself in the correct meditation posture, it is time to posture your mind. You should try to calm your mind because if you have monkey mind, a busy and distracted mind, your meditation will be fruitless and unsuccessful.

The breathing meditation will start now. This meditation is designed to dispel distracting thoughts in order to obtain a clear, calm mind. Now as you exhale you will imagine the you are breathing out all your distracting thoughts in the form of smoke, which will disappear in to space. As you inhale you will imagine that you are breathing in goodness, peace, and serenity which will enter in your body as a clear light and dissolving into your heart. You will repeat this inhalation/exhalation, breathing out your distractions and inhaling the good things. You should do this for about 15 minutes or until you feel calm and serene.

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