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A Good First Impression Is a Lasting Impression

A good first impression is a lasting impression. The reason behind this is that people expect you to be something that are up to their standards and by meeting them, you make a lasting impression that you are that person. So, the pressure is on for making a good and long lasting impression especially to your date.

People try to dress as formal as possible during their first date not knowing what category their date comes from. Sometimes, it is best that you dress for the occasion meaning dress casually rather than dress formally. You are setting the standards way up high for your date and would rather have an intimidating impression than a casual one.

The way you talk and how you act in front of your date makes an impression than what you wear at times. If you are sincere and true to your words, your date would probably see you as an honest person which leaves a thorough impression. How you act that very first time could set the tone for the future.

Be punctual especially on your first date. Plan ahead and see which street is most likely the best route towards your date. Never try to squeeze in some reasons as to why you were late all because you will never be late if you got out early.

When talking to your date, make sure that you two take turns on listening and talking. Learn more about your date rather than letting your date know more about you. Be interested and do not try to be interesting.

Make sure that you put enough cologne or perfume to smell good but sometimes putting too much will make you smell offending and sometimes insulting. Try to apply a conservative amount of cologne rather than putting too much to impress.

Enjoy the moment. Stop worrying about what might happen if you do this and that and be in tune with what is happening. If you begin to think of the troubles that might happen, it saps away the essence of making a good impression and is replaced by a sense of hostility.

And lastly, do try to leave something behind for your date to remember by at the end of your date. Make sure that it is something nice to earn yourself another chance for a date with her and with that, you have earned yourself a good and lasting impression.

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