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Success Versus Prosperity

Online Dictionary: to thrive, succeed, etc., or cause to thrive, succeed, etc. in a healthy way

Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913):. To be successful; to succeed; to be fortunate or prosperous; to thrive; to make gain. They, in their earthly Canaan placed, Long time shall dwell and prosper. –Milton

Doesn’t that sound good ‘Long time shall dwell and prosper”.”To thrive (in a healthy way)”.

I like the concept of prospering. Success with a healthy moral component, perhaps?

Everyone wants to succeed to make it -but who would like to prosper?

It sounds more on-going that succeeding doesn’t it? Like its a life thing as opposed to an immediate thing. “Ok so I succeeded in doing that – now what?” But if you have prosperity or are prospering, its ongoing. Makes a journey out of effort.

Everyone wants enough: ” I just want enough to be happy, comfortable, taken care of”. And then when we have that, well, then we want more, always more.

What if the goal was “I want to prosper”?

That suggests something ongoing, and also something interactive. You cant ‘prosper’ and leave your friends and neighbors in the ditch. That creates success perhaps, but not prosperity. Prosperity suggests we raise ourselves and everyone else up at the same time doesn’t it?

America was once known as a prosperous nation, now its… what? The richest? The most powerful? I would like to be in a Prosperous nation wouldn’t you. It implies the nation is powerful, successful, of course, but also a nation that lifts up others.

How about a goal of prospering?

How do you prosper?

Well prosperity is not necessarily about how much wealth/stuff/gold you can acquire, as much perhaps about how much good will you can build.

Prosperity is not so much about getting to the top. Maybe more about pushing your potential.

Prosperity is not so much about being Number 1. It suggest more that you are part of a community that has become enriched through effort and mutual concern for well-being

Prospering isn’t working till you drop. But a balance of effort, goodwill and achievement.

To succeed – you win. You overcome. You beat the rest. You destroy the challenges. You kill the opposition.

To prosper – you are in a mode of constant achievement. You are aware you are part of a group, a species perhaps. You realize success only works if somehow your success has enriched others.

Its not that tricky to succeed – you just keep going. Its not complicated. Its just hard dedicated work towards a goal.

To prosper, perhaps, requires ongoing realization that one person making it alone, is one thing, but when you reach down to bring others along, even if it seems it will slow the journey, is something beyond imagining.

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