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Simple Lucid Dreaming Techniques!

Would you like to know some simple techniques on how to have lucid dreams? The follow are examples that you might want to try.

First, you need to have that “desire” to remember your dreams. Just before you’ll sleep, ensure that you’ll have a clutter-free mind and instill in your head that you need to remember your dream, no matter what.

Second, make sure that your sleeping schedule is regular. Do not take medication of have alcohol just before you’ll sleep otherwise these would stop you from recalling your dreams.

Third, bear in mind that diet is also a crucial factor in lucid dreaming. Avoid eating fatty foods or eating just before you’ll sleep because this would hinder you from remembering your dreams. It will have its attention on digesting food instead of getting the rest of what your body needs and would just divert your bodily resources from your brain.

Fourth, always have a pad or journal within your reach so that you could record or write about your dream as soon as you remember them. Keep track of your dreams through writing it in your journal. It is also an advantage for you to have a lamp just beside your bed so that you could turn it on once you have a dream and you’ll write things on your journal.

Lastly, do not get out of your bed that quickly. Be still in your bed and keep your eyes closed and move as little as possible. Try to wake up in a slow-paced manner and hold on to what your current feelings are and let your mind wander for you to be able to remember your dreams. Picture the images that you could find in your current dream and write down details for you to remember it very well.

It is quite fun to do lucid dreaming. It’s like you could make things happen in your dream. You could be anything that you want. You could be the president of your country or maybe your favorite superhero. The feeling could be quite liberating knowing you are becoming the person or you have done things you’ve never thought you could do, even if it’s just in your dreams.

If you’d like to get further information about lucid dreaming, you could actually make a research of your own through the help of internet or buying books on lucid dreaming. You could also discuss it with other people so that you would know some real testimonials from them regarding lucid dreaming.

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