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Change – Constant and Inevitable

Change is constant and inevitable. How you react to change is a choice. Whether you resist change, become more, decide to grow as a result of what is transpiring with change is your choice.

Change and choice is the greatest gift of life. You can choose how you will be with what is transpiring. You can choose at every moment. You have the choice to live your life on the wave of change, resist or ignore it.

Choose to express your greatness every moment by choosing to benefit from the changes that are there for the taking.

Your choices shape your life. The majority of people remember this fact, however, we forget to remember the power of that knowledge. Since your choices shape your life, you are the artist. Think of your life as a canvas on which you can paint any picture you wish to live. Your paintbrush is the intention you can apply to your canvas.

This moment you can pick up your paintbrush and begin to create the colors on the canvas of your life. The hues, the shape and texture of your life are in your hands. Remember that the point of power is in your intention.

There are two kinds of people. Those who, continue to do what they are doing expecting different results and those who, take action to make the best of every opportunity. Which one are you?

So which will be easier for you, doing what you are doing or deciding to ride the wave of change? The choice is yours.

Intention is your paintbrush. Choose well.

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