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Subconscious Persuasion – The Best Persuasion Technique

When you are trying to persuade someone to do something, more often than not you are using more obvious stimuli like a cajoling voice, or perhaps using force, or using strong words – something a sales man would be more inclined to do. The thing about this is that the success rates for these types of persuasion can be quite low and considering that we have no other alternatives to these situations barring from pulling a gun out and pointing it to someone’s head (and going to jail in the process), we are left with whatever talents and gifts of persuasion that we have.

Now, talking about this type of stimulation, a person would respond most of all to emotions. Pulling a gun out would evoke fear, or if a woman was using her womanly gifts, it would be using feelings of love or even sexual arousal to persuade someone to do something. Now this is all well and good, but what does it prove. It proves that the mind is the key ingredient to get someone to change their minds which can be very useful for many of us.

This is because rooted in the mind is the emotion bank, which then brings out the necessary chemical reactions and thus the emotions that would make someone more inclined to make a decision one way or the other. Sitting on the fence is not a decision, it is indecision and this is because of things like doubt or worry. This means that the power of persuasion is not holistic enough to sway a person in one direction. Imagine if you will if persuasion was a huge ship with a sail, and you needed a strong wind to blow them on course.

The wind in this case is the ability for you to attack their emotions and their biological intangible feelings that they have inside, create a positive case for yourself without over coercing someone, and get them to do what you wanted them to do in the first place. Doing so would be quite easy in the sense if you had the power of subconscious persuasion, and this is an art that actually has been perfected back in the day of espionage and spy work.

The principles are the same; just the application is a little different. For one thing, you need to understand the power of using things like body language and the ability to read a person. Also, when you are using the power of subconscious persuasion, you need to be able to use the subtle nuances of your body to speak directly to the mind.

Now it sounds a bit harder than it reads, so this is really a combination of intonation, use of eye contact, body language, the ability to read someone else’s body language and of course being able to implant messages into someone’s head without saying anything. Mastery of these needs the ingredients of confidence and charisma, some things you need to subconsciously implant in yourself at first before you can start attempting this.

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